WHY do people turn OPP film lamination into aqueous varnishing?

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WHY do people turn OPP film lamination into aqueous varnishing?
In general, aqueous varnishing is water-based, dry fast & more eco-friendly, more than that,

Aqueous varnishing also provides you with…   
1)     Nontoxic, Low VOCs (volatile organic compounds) & easily recycle
2)     Less solid waste when process
3)     Versatile, Easy to write or print over
4)     Cost-effective, in-line on process

The benefits of aqueous varnishing in details

Non-toxic & environmentally-friendly: The treated paper is easily recyclable and does not produce harmful by-products. There is minimum solid waste after the application of aqueous coating and the cleaning process does not require toxic cleaning agents.

Versatile: It is a no-hassle solution when additional finishing is necessary to the print and works well with various printing process inks and glues. The coating also makes it very easy to write and print over the coating.

Cost-effective: This water-based coating is mostly used in line with the printing process, delivering significant cost savings.

Under the trend of sustainable packaging, AQ varnishing is becoming a popular choice among finishing options which protects the product surface in an eco-friendly way.

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