WHY do people prefer aqueous coating to make velvety texture finishing?

Soft-feel aqueous coating is water-based, economic and sustainable.

It provides you with…

  1. Soft & smooth appearance and feeling. Thicker coating layer provides stronger feeling
  2. Resist fingerprints and yellowing
  3. Nontoxic, Low VOCs (volatile organic compounds) & easily to recycle
  4. Less solid waste during processing
  5. Versatile, Easy to write or print over)
  6. Cost-effective, time-saving

It is an excellent packaging presentation for your elegant products.

We offer more than premium packaging

Our approach to sustainability :

  1. Prioritize renewable or recycled materials
  2. Follow clean manufacturing best practices
  3. Maintain an energy-efficient and carbon-friendly factory
  4. Ensure products are recyclable, compostable or biodegradable 

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